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      1. Whole Body Vibration Treatment

        When people hear about “Vibration”, they realize it to be a pseudo scientific jargon. But, the vibrations are the real thing and they are called as the physical oscillations. The whole-body vibration treatment is a type of physical vibration that helps to provide a balance in the human body, reduce back pain, gain fitness, and gets rid of neurological disorders. Currently, this vibration procedure is considered as one of the most effective types of exercises in the fitness niche. You just have to spend 10 minutes a day to get the benefits of the entire body vibration.

        What Do You Understand By Whole Body Treatment

        The whole or full-body vibration is the passive exercise where something is done to the body of the person who actively engages in several fitness activities like walking, weight lifting and many more. In the case of the full-body vibration method, the person lay, stand or sit on the vibrating machine that vibrates fast in one or several directions. The vibration forces the body muscles to contract, a form of exercise that benefits overall physic of the person. The credibility of this treatment is better than CAM therapies.

        There are two types of full-body vibration techniques- one is the physiotherapy, which uses the vibration, stimulating the tissues. But it not actually induces the actual form of exercise. The second one is full-body vibration training where the vibrations are combined with the positions that give rise to muscle exercise.

        How do Full Body Vibration works

        Primarily, the full-body Vibration method was initially developed for athletes to improve the effectiveness of their fitness training. The vibration platforms are included in the training process along with step-ups, press-ups and squats. Here in this technique, the vibrations are passed through the body tissues, muscles and tendons that increase muscle contractions improve the muscular strength and maintain balance. With continued use of the full-body vibration machine you will increase your muscle mass and energy expenditure which leads to lower blood sugar levels.

        Full Body Vibration targets-

        • Lower back pain
        • Shoulder, knee, hip, ankle and foot injuries
        • Neck pain
        • Urinary stress inconsistencies
        • Joint injuries
        • Muscular, ligament and tendon injuries
        • Poor balance
        • Osteoporosis and osteopenia

        Several benefits of availing Whole Body vibration

        • Rehabilitation
        • Improved level of balancing
        • Fall prevention
        • Stress reduction
        • Increase in the lean muscle mass and weight loss
        • Bone straightening
        • Enhanced sports performance
        • Increased mobility, energy and balance

        Lenson products offer best quality whole body vibration platforms for customers. The various types of platforms include Kwikfit 1000, Kwikfit 200 and Kwikfit 400. They are the bestselling commercial machines that used to keep your body balanced. You just only need about 30 minutes of vibration from these platforms to get the results. This company provides 30 days money-back guarantee on the items . Get in Touch with Lenson Team.